This site is dedicated especially to all forms of the 1967 Chevelle.  The 67 arguably has the most eye appealing design of all Chevelles.  Even though the 67 shares some basic styling cues with the 1966, the 67 was the birth of aggression in an already explosive model line.

Engine sizes spread the gamut ranging from a economy minded 230 L-6 up to a fire breathing, special option 427.  Some of the available transmissions included the ever-popular 2 speed Powerglide (affectionately known by those of us who have had them as Power-Slides). the TH400, and the highly sought after M-22 Rock Crusher Manual Trans.

Body styles in the 1960s were great because there was a style available for everybody.  Obviously there were 2-door, 4-door and Wagon options, but within those choices there were different variants.  For example, you could get a 2-door coupe like the one pictured above, a 2-door sedan (with a center post), a 4-door sedan, a 4-door hardtop (again, with no post), a 4-door wagon, the 2-door El Camino and the coveted 2-door convertible.  If you have a close eye, you may have noticed that the links to the left of this write up show a 2-door wagon.  Sorry, but that car is a one-off custom.  Chevy stopped producing 2-door wagons in 1965.

Check through this site for information regarding the 1967 Chevelle.  I am sure you will find some interesting things here.



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