The owner of this car emailed me these photos.  What makes this car unique is that it is located in Brazil.  Here's what the owner says about its history:

Well, I live here in Brasilia since november 1999. I lived in Rio de Janeiro before. This '67 SS 396 belonged to an old lawyer and I used to see the car in Rio's downtown rush hour traffic jams. Something to watch! That Chevelle amongst Brazilian econoboxes at sunset time on a crowded avenue...

A friend of mine bought the car from the elderly gentleman and the big block was completely tired. He imported all the stuff and rebuilt the engine. Few time after he sold it to me and, at long last, the rush hour Chevelle found a owner who really loved it (her? :-).
When I moved to Brasilia I put it on a flatbed and brought it here. In Rio I had never drove the car becuse the suspension was really shot. I ordered everything from PST and other source, and farmed out the rebuilding of it. When the suspension work was about to finish I was already here. I went back to Rio to put it on the truck and bring here.

I drove it for some time but a lack of launching power in Low was bothering me. Finally one day the Powerglide started to leak huge amounts of fluid. Time to take it off and disassemble arrived. Well, some idiot mechanic assembled the Low clutch drum with two or three fiber discs and the rest comprised of only steel ones. Small wonder it was so lazy in Low! I put it back with everythig new and a B&M Holeshot torque converter. Now it launchs like mad, screaming tires and all. The former owner, my friend, discarded the iron intake manifold, original Q-Jet and water pump. I bought everything with the right casting numeber and dates from Ebay and other sources. The carb was bought and restored in US to perfection and the water pump is N.O.S.

When restoration time arrives I'll discard the aluminum intake, water pump and Holley four barrel. The correct wheels are the normal steel ones with dog dish hubcaps, but for while I'm using Rallys taken from a '73 Laguna long ago.

As far I know the car was imported brand new and the old lawyer was its second owner. Big blocks SS Chevelles are scarce here in Brasil. A friend who lives south of Brasil has a '66 SS 396.

Soon I'll be wrenching my Chevelle. It needs a brake overhaul.

Car Details

Body Style Super Sport Coupe
Engine 396
Transmission Powerglide
Why it's cool It lives in Brazil!








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