Listed below are the various different body styles 
available for the 1967 model year Chevelle.

You could get the 300 Deluxe in 2-door and 4-door & Wagon versions.  
You could not buy a 300-Deluxe Convertible in the US, 
but I have heard that it was available in Canada.

The Malibu was available in 2-Door, 4-Door, Wagon & Convertible Models.

The Super Sport Malibu was available only in 2-Door Coupe and Convertible Models.

The pictures below are representative of the most common body styles. 
 Not all body styles are represented, because 
I don't have pictures of everything that was offered.


300 Deluxe Rear
Notice the lack of chrome through the taillight lenses. 
 Also notice the Chevelle emblem across the center of the rear pan.  
This was only available on the 300 Deluxe.

Super Sport Nose
Notice the difference in the way the grille was painted versus the standard grille.  
Also, the SS did not have the shield emblem across the top.

Super Sport rear
Only the Super Sport came from the factory with the rear valance pan blacked out.


4-Door Hardtop
Take note of the shape of the rear door glass.

4-Door Sedan
Take note of the shape of the rear door glass.

Take note of the shape of the rear door glass.  
The glass shape represented the 4-door hardtop, but had a frame around it.

2-Door Sedan
Very rare car.  Only a few thousand were produced.

2-Door Coupe


El Camino



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